For this moment, I'm back to improve my writing

Peace be upon you, my dear. Glad to meet my blog again like finally this is what I've been missing of! But sadly to say, this time is me back just to improve my writing or specifically, my English writing. I mean, my vocabs are all suck these days and that is kinda a bad news to me. Yeah not improving never been a good news either, sya.

Oh, before I start updating the next entries, I must first say SORRY if I might have any promises that I should have been fulfilled. But I think, there were nothing left, am I rite? I did say in my previous posts late in 2016 that I was thinking to release a lot more fun products, and yes I did them, I still have them yea but right now I'm not thinking of releasing anymore. Haha. Just because... I've my own personal reasons for that. Long story short, let's just keep 2016 aside. Focus more on the current 2017.

I feel blessed to at least enter this new year with pink health, physically and mentally great and of course emotionally well. But I do not know about what do you guys feel? If you don't mind, you surely can share it with me. I'd love to hear anyway. <3


  1. Yupp lets put 2016 aside and focus on 2017...
    Hope 2017 will be a better year for us in whatever things we it on blogging, financial, career, school ..everything..

  2. ahh where have you been! I miss you haha btw happy new year xx

    1. Heyyy I've been missing u too anyway! *I was 17 before & guess what 17-year-old does in malaysia?* haha :)

  3. Wow. A lot more fun products?? Release je la.. :)


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