RBWNEON for now is a personal blog full of random stuffs happening in my life (mostly about college) where I'd love to share publicly and sometimes I do photoshop/blog editing as well so I publish my journey through them here as well. I hope to spread more positive words.

*Rbwneon previously was (& maybe will be continued soon later)
RAINBOWNEON (rbwneon) is a place where designers and bloggers out there can find their packs of designs, some tutorials, too, tips & tricks, all regarding blog and design, as complementary to their perfect design of whatever kind. Too, it is a medium for likeminded bloggers all around the world to unite and to share with each other. Since web development thrives to be one of the most pertinent field in work and studies, I am bringing rbwneon to be part of the creative field.

I started rbwneon as a creative way to share my artworks in design and to share/exchange ideas with people.

I love interacting with bloggers and brands. If you're interested in collaborating or just want to get in touch, feel free to reach me out cause I don't bite ;)

E-MAIL: rbwneon@gmail.com
INSTAGRAM: @syasandeul