I am not the only weirdo existed, am I?

I get curious about almost everything at most of the time and by that, I mean, even the most probably bizarre one but I also could find nobody to help me with those or to bring me clarity because all I thought was "why would I have these questions like everyone else just does their things and lick sugarcandy, saeshay here and there like they're having a very good life without having to bother think of all these craps? why would I anyway?" by that I mean, I always always think that I am very weird that I match no community to fit in.

//pls just mind that these are just my way of writing, don't get offended or anything ok? ;)//

I'd like to list what are some of my curiousity (since I believe I'm already legal to do that ROFL) that I, unintentionally, just discovered the answers of them on few sources:
  1. How do homeless woman cope with their periods? 
  2. What does it feels like for actors to watch their own scenes? (I mean especially those romantics one..haha)
  3. What does the term "jodoh" really refers to? Like I get confused y'know, people call someone as jodoh when they get married then it turns out you get another jodoh when u divorce and marry a new one? Who really is ur jodoh anyway?
  4. Why do migrant workers really get diligent working as a construction worker and stuffs plus it's in the other country? What motivates them? They are even more diligent than me. I've to admit.
These are them as far as I remember. 

If you notice, there's a clickable link on the 1st one, that's the answer for that one anyway. For the others, I might already have lost their sources but insyaallah Im still remember the answers. If you're curious too, u can ask haha! 
I'm so sorry if this sort of thing might sound silly or make no sense to you. It works the otherwise for me and I'm just excited knowing that there are some likeminded people in this world no matter how weird or how alienated we may feel. We're not alone and we all have to be aware of that.
This world, I believe would always work as a teammate if only we would cooperate and give some commitments. And oh, in our own way of course. <3

(convince me i ain't writing a crap again for this one oh God) 

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