MEMORI @ KMPP 2k18 (ft. The Faith & Farah Fakhira)

If you guys know this band whom do a lot of songs cover but in the islamic version, you guys must notice Fahimi in the picture above.. and yeah as well as his friends but Aniq wasn't there that night though. But can you spot me too? Impossible, meh. =p

Let me bring you back to the January of 2018,

BUT FIRST, basically MEMORI stands for "minggu evolusi minda optimis remaja islam" whereas an annual event that brings the tinge of love towards each other (cos its acitivities require each team members to cooperate well) but the one-year-programme-students could only enjoy it once in a lifetime. sobs. 

There were a few of activities held for all the students who would vounteerily join as well as the lecturers too, even the pengarah played football along with the students (he's basically so supportive to us) and there was also an expo held (we got stalls and food trucks) whereas opened for public.

I wouldn't want to miss the extra co-cu mark and that was my purpose at first cause the idea of that event was so vague to me like I never had thought it to be a very big event. Oh, anyways, I was in the multimedia team & we were given our own team members and responsibilities as well as task. Got to be so fortunate that I was able to work with the people I'm easily fitting in. The task for my group was to create a video for the closure event and what can you expect more from a closure event other than the throwbacks right? 

So thankfully we summed up our ideas to at least render the audience to be awestruck in happiness for how much we've made together. Thanks for the idea of "interview people" sorta things blablabla and many more all the teammates!

Hence, we worked hard on the days when people were having blast, enjoying their activities, basyirah went to interview people with her iphone, while haziyah and I, we were recording here and there, trying not to miss an event, and I had no idea on why the heck did I have to walk everywhere with my laptop bag?!! haha you wouldn't want to miss that so...

I went sleep over at my teaamate's room to finish this video with her cause I need some support and ideas too and tbh we slept at 4am and woke up at 6 something almost 7.

and this usually happened lmao 

Despite of the laptop bagpack, we enjoyed the expo as well with all the fun!

No, I didn't record with this camera. It's not mine, it's Farah Fakhira husband's. I just used up my phone! =)

A flashmob during the expo. We got the message but need more fun though? Just my pov. No offense. 

Managed to record this beautiful moment during the night when we had The 4aith with us! 

I got to capture this cause I was working guys. So do the volunteer if there's any big event involving your idols. Ok kidding, girls. chill.

And more pictures! (but they're taking so long to load time eh if I've more leisure time)

Alhamdulillah that everything went well despite when we didn't manage to render the video at the last minute that aslmost tear me down but thankfully our leader team was there to help. Alhamdulillah and thank to everyone who sent us warm messages regarding our beautiful video project. I've to admit that it was full of flaws but also gotta admit that people inside it make it beautiful. <3

Frankly speaking, it made me realise it wasn't about the co-cu marks, it wasn't of big events of which celebrities involved, it wasn't really those fancy things (and also not those worse things - ok so I didn't tell you we were scolded part during the rehearsal but normal lah tu), it was incredibly more than just what eyes could see. It's where the heart only feels, sorta thing.  Let me tell you a story..

I used to have a dream of publishing my video on the large screen where all eyes on it, I almost made it during my high school, I finished up a video for teacher's day but as we plan, Allah plans too, and indeed, Allah's plans are yet the best. The timing was probably wrong and my patience was tested. But in 2018, I managed to tick another box from my bucket list and I believe, the timing was just right, and there were people helping me too! They taught me a several of new things.
And one thing for sure: Allah sees your effort & your desires, and he also sees your proofs. Thing will just fall into its places just as how beautiful as it's supposed to be. Don't worry much about the timing. <3 
omg my belly need to stop growling. ok no. I should eat. BYE!

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