Barbecue party by the beach with classmates! :)

Hi there! 

I just wanna make a confession; that I feel like the job as "secretary" kinda suits me. Cause....

My classmates and I just made it to a barbecue party by the beach or at the Batu Feringghi to be exact recently and we're so happy to know that most of us were working so hard to make it happen and yes, we did cherish every little things like that; I'll tell you more on that later.

From transportation, food & utensils supplies (I mean like marinated chicken and whatnots) schedule planning to the accomodation. I was glad to be one of those whom contributed their energy. I mean.. I helped them girls to find a comfortable place to stay in at the very affordable price; as you can see in the picture above. It was pretty simple to just book and hand out cash later on when you arrived. 

So we got two cars as well as two drivers (which were the guys from our class) to drive us from our college to the destination. Forget about how packed the car was. The journey with them was truly amazing to me. Full of laughters and fun! 

I love how our guys (mehh?? haha I mean the guys) always remind us to prioritize the prayer first no matter what, it made the journey more smooth and calming! :)) Everytime we went locating for the nearest surau or mosque, we got excited to take a break before reaching the destination and I ain't sure why lol but probably because we knew we could spend more time together so yes!! (Plus the guys were so patient waiting for us the girls to finish ours cause we always always always take time haha) 

After maghrib, around 8 something we reached our hotel after we got tired looking for it since its building was a bit difficult to locate for us but we did it after getting some helps from Akak 7E :p

Girls checked in, did isha' first and then we drove off straight away to Batu Feringghi. Set up everything, the guys did the barbecue and me and the girls did the drinks part. THE BEST PART was when the guys were so appreciating the drinks we made, they went like "air ni memang aku puji betul la" so the girls went like "korang memang berbakat masak" after eating their "cookings" haha. I love these little things ughhh <33

Tuned on the music from the speaker, sang along together and all those how I miss!

Unfortunately, we don't have any family photo during that night cause everyone was literally busy with their tasks but we did take a portrait picture for each of us and here goes mine up there hehe.

I swear it was more than this photo. It was so beautiful that we got to listen to the waves, stepping our foot on the sand and more!

We finished late cause we had confession night as well as night game as in 'square 007' and 'truth or dare'. I managed to confess how awkward I personally am with new people around me that I won't talk much unless you started or if you managed to make me start it first - as for sorry if that personal trait of mine ever hurt them.

Then we went back to where our stay to get some rest. And wait, before you get it wrong, the guys were not joining us in the hotel! They stayed a few hours in the mosque til we kicked off the next day for the next journey.

Girls checking out. 

Breakfast at Penang Kayu Restaurant & Nasi Kandar.

Went celebrating Izzah's and Seelan's birthday at the Secret Recipe before enjoying our first ever movie together at the Queensbay mall.

We then rushed a bit to get back to college but we made it, safely arrived, alhamdulillah.

So yeayyyy, it was a success for me and for us. We made it.

Till next time! :)


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