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Skincare that will render you fall in love, because I've fallen for it

You must be one of those sophisticated girls, loaded with just so many skin care awareness and pieces of knowledge. I ain't going to share skincare tips or anything but this will be regarding a skincare brand that will surely render you fall in love because I've fallen for it. It really did the job on my skin! 💕

If you know me personally since the past few years, you know how sensitive and worse my skin was. With kinda dark skin tone (it's not dark actually it's like kelabu asap you know), pimples here and there, hella redness till I ever got a very sarcastic question, "Sya, pakai blusher eh?" You think you funny hm making fun of people? 😒

And there were some makciks telling me my face was getting worse and whatnots until I saw her daughter was having the same skin problem with me, there you go, what you give you gotta get back. But no, I didn't hold any grudges towards her and her family, it's not worth it anyway.  Plus, her daughter that I mention…

Cropping out in details & put in another background - Succeed or Fail?

Peace be upon you!

Hey, I guess this time you shouldn't skip the intro ☺

As I promised in my previous post that I'd love to share my improvement in editing though I did hesitate to do this since I feel like....I'm just not skilled enough and everything, so there was a bit insecurity for real and I hope you guys are taking this positively! :)

Anyway, if you're wondering why some of the pics seem to be like ads, it is just because now I'm involving in part-time online business to earn some rezeki. And fyi, I'm selling a certified organic -- healthy skincare product based in Malaysia which I myself have been using it for years because it works really wonder on my skin (extra thing i love bout the products is because there's no side effects at all, I've stopped the usage in the middle of time for a while (no i think i stopped for kinda a long time) cause I was getting busy and didn't really focus on myself, self-love, etc). The ingredients used are supe…

Am I really The Mediator? -- Personality Test

Peace be upon you. Before anything else, who else in the world shares this "mediator" personality, gimme high 5! I'm so gonna know you deeper, I love like-minded people haha <3

Psssst, too, we're sharing the same personality with William Shakespeare. Nothing really to be proud of actually -- i dont even know him well.

*The graphic design omg so flawless <3* Frankly speaking, I've done this test for about few times before and guess those were just incorrect because I think I was so hypocrite answering those voraciously wanting to be what I wanted, yet not what I was. Bhahaha how true that I think I am too idealist..

Yet this time, I read those what they describe me for me with sparkle eyes for how true they are & how hard for me all this while to sum up myself in just 2 words -- the mediator lol.

However, let those descriptions remain as what they are and me as still me. I dont wanna take things like these so serious.

And if you're interested in kno…