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Life After SPM: Gettin' my first job ever!

Hi! It has been quite long since I kept my blog updated and if you're wondering why, there goes the reason, right on the title of this post. Yup, I'm a busy bee lately! =p

I remember the excitement of getting through my high school years when it finally came to the last paper of SPM on that day and all I was thinking was to get myself hectic as much as I can so that I won't be wasting my break before enrolling into university.

So right after a few weeks, I began to get myself a job placement somewhere for a while to earn some new experiences, to gain some new piece of knowledge and probably to aggrandize my circle. I did go and ask if there was any job vacancies for a spm leaver at a few stores encompassing this one where I tried my luck thrice including calling the office from home just to assure that I'd probably get a place there. Pathetic was them answering me with a "NO" for everytime I asked. 💔💢 So, I just began to lose interest in locating for job p…

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