Skincare that will render you fall in love, because I've fallen for it

You must be one of those sophisticated girls, loaded with just so many skin care awareness and pieces of knowledge. I ain't going to share skincare tips or anything but this will be regarding a skincare brand that will surely render you fall in love because I've fallen for it. It really did the job on my skin! 💕

If you know me personally since the past few years, you know how sensitive and worse my skin was. With kinda dark skin tone (it's not dark actually it's like kelabu asap you know), pimples here and there, hella redness till I ever got a very sarcastic question, "Sya, pakai blusher eh?" You think you funny hm making fun of people? 😒

And there were some makciks telling me my face was getting worse and whatnots until I saw her daughter was having the same skin problem with me, there you go, what you give you gotta get back. But no, I didn't hold any grudges towards her and her family, it's not worth it anyway.  Plus, her daughter that I mentioned is a nice girl. :) It's just that, I think it's normal for people who have this "breakouts" problems to feel sensitive over this topic.

Alhamdulillah, I've recovered from my allergy back then, I was just wearing what the Doctor told me to and after recovering, I started using this one skin care to get rid all my pimples and all those skin problems I have.

It takes some time to clear the whole face actually cause it's a nature-based product and organic. The neem extracts in it are imported from Swissland helps a lot in controlling excess oil and getting rid of acnes.

Alhamdulillah, my acnes slowly disappear and never seem want to make the appearance ever again. Those pimples are now like in fear and some just appear due to hormonal problems and some because of me, breaking the rules, eat everything without limit knowing that I've allergy. Hehe. But then, I still manage to get rid of them. Too, I no longer have redness without a cause on cheeks anymore yay! I'm completely happppyy 💋

I ain't saying my face is turning out to be Che Ta after wearing it, but it does what it should, I love pampering my face all nights with this one and only Acne Buster Serum. But to be honest, for someone who always went broke like me (because too much spending on literally everything I like, this is what happened), it's quite pricey, but it's for your skin, though, to help you shine with more confidence in the next time! :)

I saw some people wrote things like, "I don't trust local products anymore" and so did I saw "but this product line from hanaskincaremy is trustable" and yes, how would I don't agree when I am the one who still using it. Currently, I'm using my second bottle and definitely going to repeat order! Yay!

Extra fact:
They have agents from Brunei and Singapore too, so Brunei, SG, and Indonesian people are using it without hesitation, so why should you?

So where can you find this and read more details bout it? Testimonies? They're so many of them!
Go to @obviousorganic on Instagram cause I'm an official dropship dealer now. 
I did never expect me to sell it though but since I need to earn some rezekis, so I started this in early 2017. Plus, I'm wearing it and I believe it doesn't have any harmful ingredients so why not?

There's nothing wrong to buy from me since you'll be helping three persons at once! Me, the agent and the HQ. So buy from me to help three persons hahaha :)

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