My undergraduate programme: I expected UTEM

Peace be upon you!

Hi peeps, it's been a while :)

Oh, anyway, I just finished my 1-year-programme under matriculation college around April 2018 and that was one of the hardest part I had to let go. But after it all, I still had to so yes I did. I did let it go. Please be informed this is not me being overly dramatic whatsoever, I'm just easily cling to a good memory or a good person but these days, I just don't let myself cling onto these little things too much. It won't do me good.

My cgpa/pointer was a so-so, there's nothing to brag about.

I applied the same course which was IT-related for 12 different universities while I was still being skeptical towards myself; like am I sure gonna pursue this or not. One of the reasons I took matriculation college as well. Cause I didn't sure if Chemical Engineering suit me or not at that time (I got that course for my diploma programme).

So this was my 2nd option:
2. Computer Science USM

So after putting everything into thinking, I changed my top 3 option in UPU (the same thing as UCAS etc), I did wanna do Computer Engineering in UTEM or in UNIMAP. Because heck, I think I really love physics and that was like the only IT-related course that has something to do with physics (ikr AI has physics too but it's different hehe) SO WHY NOT RIGHT?

This was the top 3 options that I thought I have changed:
1. Computer Engineering UTEM
2. Computer Engineering UNIMAP
3. Pure Physics USM

(Of course with a high hope i'll get in the top 2 because I did never imagine myself getting into USM at all, it seemmed so impossible for me because I doubted my cgpa a lot)

And the day of the UPU result leaked out, this was what I saw:

So of course I got so shocked and kept asking why.

I told my family members and they all went "that one pun okayla, just go study" stuff like that.

So I tried to calm down and started to redha. Coming back to my rational thinking, alhamdulillah, Allah knows better.
But the moral value is: double check your UPU application especially the unis option part! Ensure that they are saved and sent or else, it will be like me which I thought I have changed it but it didn't systematically. 
 Bismillah for my #roadtodegree. May Sha get surrounded with good and nice people around especially a good roommate. May Sha go through her degree life with ease and May Sha finish it with flying colors. Amin.

Till then, xo.


  1. Tahniah untuk keputusan UPU awak! :)

  2. Allahu. Tahniah syasandeul 🤭 im not really sure if u still remember me huh 😁

    1. Terima kasih ahmad 😂 where else could we reach other? Any new ig?


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