Penang: Went 8 Places in 2 days

And, oh, 1 companion, which was my awesome clique I made in college, Kinah and here I got some experiences and beautiful shots taken there to share with you! :)

Day first
Ok just to clarify that we've gotten ourselves there a day before, it just that we started off our journey on that day.

Since Kinah is just skillful enough to ride a motorbike so why don't we just let her ride me throughout the day? And since, Georgetown is her hometown as well. It was drizzle when we were heading on to Georgetown, Chowrosta to be exact but then it was all sunny and breezy so me as the pillion was gleefuly enjoyed the ride like the WHOLE RIDE! (but I believe it must be exhausting riding a motorbike since you haven't in a long time - so kinda pity her - but as long as I enjoyed hahahaha)

As we all have been informed that Georgetown or Penang Island offers so many Instagrammable spots and places, you just have to explore them (and try different angles as well). I suggested some places to Kinah as well though ipso facto it's where her first playground must be at.

We stopped by just anywhere we found nice encompassing the one with old-look-door-entrance and then the passersby gave me a strange look but of course you don't have to care :p

From Chowrosta to Little India, Kapitan Keling Mosque, A super-tasty muslim western cafe nearby, Street Art to Pesta Penang and also Kapitan Restaurant to get Chicken Naan.

So here are some of the pictures!

so here's the LinkBike to help you cycling around Penang if you'd prefer to.

Around the Street Art, more fascinating ones on the walls here and there.

Oh and apparently if you locate for any budget hotel that are especially for travellers, you might go for Container Hotel or Capsule.

Ok and here are some of the pics while we were at Pesta, enjoyed all the jitter rides! (Some asked bout the entrance fee, it's RM5 per person)

This one was the "Challenger" which was quite insane or I think I was more insane than I thought. I was the ONLY ONE who brought my phone along and recorde a short video and boldly selfied like whatever and the people looked at me like...zzZZZz? hahaha cause I swear you've to be super vigilant bout yourself, hang on there tight but extra to me, gotten to be vigilant about my phone as well so I was like super adhered and concerned to both. BUT STILL MANAGED TO SELFIE. Hehe. I'd love to upload the short video I took but the internet seems doesn't want to cooperate at the moment.

Earlier, we tried out "single roller coaster" (let's name it that way) quite insane but not so adventurous but you can already yell loud and forget bout the surroundings. 

That background is the CHALLENGER I was talking about. RM16 for 8 tickets.

This was just pretty <3

Day 2nd
Gurney Plaza (Had McD), National Park, Monkey Beach and went dinner at Sup Hameed.

Transportation: Hop On Hop Off Bus (using student card + pre-christmas promo so got only RM6 per each of us)

(Interframe at its best -_-)

This was at Monkey Beach. Frankly speaking, there were so many Instagrammable spots there but I didn't manage to cover all but it's ok BUT it just lacks of something which is Halal stalls. I'm not sure if there were any but all we found were stalls selling beers. 

Hop On Hop Off during the night! (Ikr I look super chubby there but that's alright haha)

I'm sorry for finishing this post in a rush. I'm currently packing up back to my college. 

And oh, my result for 1st semester is out. I'd love to share it here if there are times. See ya soon. :)


  1. I've always wanted to go to Pesta Penang but always forget about it when the time comes. Hopefully I'll remember it this year. Haha

  2. Okay this seems fun.. the ice kepal seems so tempting.. D:

  3. Bertahun tahun dah tak pegi Penang.
    sekarang dah dekat sikit dengan Penang tapi tak pegi-pegi sebab malas HAHA
    Doakan nina sampai Penang lagi, okay


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