Harith Iskander Show in Penang (+gotten into a haunted lift)

Uhm hello, well Im really eager to share this one in my blog but I just have time (uhm..well..I mean to steal some appropriate time is the hardest part for me after all yet Im trying as much as possible TO MAKE TIME for everything I want to achieve) and blogging kinda getting awkward to me :)))

That one is for how long I haven't been involved in such writing, blogging and so forth that it's started to get boring.

Back to when I joined Harith Iskander show in Penang with the english club committee from my college and one of the wonderful things was that we were getting so much warm welcome from the emcee, Harith Iskander himself(&his wife too!!), services provided and all the people. All credits go to Sir Kelvin and other lecturers for having done their very best to provide the best for us all. Ikr we couldn't thank them enough for the hard work but some credit would always remind me of them. Yes, always. So yeepiee!!

This is the ballroom where the show was held, small yet large enough to feel that one vibe Harith managed to bring us into.

Because I wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to take a selfie with this Dr I've been admiring from behind the screen x) Dr Jezamine Lim. She was soooo effortless, beautiful, amazing, and polite. <3

And she also took the picture of us with her husband. Oh my God still cant believe I was smiling to the camera she's holding haha.

I am so glad to realise how lucky I was to be surrounded by these people. I couldn't describe how much I enjoyed their vibes. They were so supportive towards each other!

And last but not least, captain america! Lol x)

Oh, wait, regarding the haunted lift part?

Here the story begins.. haha

So we all finished at 11 pm something and we were lined up to go back to where we belong (I mean to our bus haha) together but because of 2 of us were missing (not literally missing but they were at somewhere else) so Mr.kelvin accompanied & helped us so that no one will go missing again.

We followed him all the way and I had no idea which lane did we use inside that mall at that moment. All I remembered was isolated places, none was there other than our group, and out of sudden, we found a lift.

Thinking it will ease our journey, he asked us to go 10 by 10 and I had no clue how I was lucky enough to be one of the first 10 to go first.

3 guys, 7 girls, inside a lift written "maximum 11 people" from level 5 heading to level 1. Pushed the button, door closed and we were ready.

Suddenly, the sound we usually feel inside the lift stopped, thinking we were already trapped. All became quiet and speechless. "Ahh sudah," one of us said. And suddenly, it became normal and worked again so we went "ahhh lega" but then that same thing happened again for like a few times until we reached somewhere...

The door opened and it was completely dark outside. The only lighting source was only from the lift. B. We were at B which means Basement. We were awestruck by what we saw. Dried leaves scattered everywhere on the floor. No one was there. It looked like an abandoned building. I saw cookies too on the floor, still in whole.

And out of sudden, the lift beeps as if we exceeded the limit of people or something. One said "no matter what happened, one has to go out" or else, we won't be able to even close the door you know!

I saw the frightened looks on each of us. I felt mine too. A guy said "It can't be one, must at least half of us" lmao ikr he was scared as well.

"Or three of the guys" someone suggested.

And there was this guy said "Guys..okla guys, c'mon be the guys." They were unwillingly volunteered to wait in that dark basement, I felt like we owe them something.

The moment they three stepped outside, "if later you guys came here and couldn't find us, pls inform mr.kelvin" but we laughed instead. Sorry guys.

So we the girls were still determined to go to level 1 which is the destination. But then the same thing happened. The sound stopped as if it crashed and went alright. We noticed that it sped up and skipped level 1,2,3, and 4. And we were back at level 5. Tadaaa! Mr Kelvin was still there with the others and we informed him everything. Of course he asked us to fetch those guys back.

So we left only 2 girls inside the lift to go and fetch them. You know what did I think at that moment? I thought stuffs likw "what if they're not humans anymore?" Cause I watched Highland Tower and that place was as that scary.

Minutes later, they were here with us. Alhamdulillah saved. But still I was wanting to reassure whether they were humans or not. Haha. So I talked to them a bit and kinda reassured. Hahaha.

Ok that is the story. After that, we just use the stairs instead. Only the 10 of us knew how "keras" that place was at that moment.

Till we meet again yeah alright bye. xx

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