Friday, November 30, 2018

Handling my first project: Mistakes to not repeat

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It was my first time experiencing of being a director of a project. The project was about to search for people with hidden talent in debating and aimed to get to polish them so that we will have more debater representatives for our Student Council group.

I was the director of this project and it was my first time ever, anyway.

I must admit that it went a little awry because there were so many last minutes tasks since my team and I were unexperienced but alhamdulillah on that day where the event happens, we did it successfully evenhough there were still some "glitches" occured.

Sometimes we win and sometimes we learn. 

1. Should you do it alone or could you rely on the others?

When it comes to group project, never ever do it alone. I believe there must be some time where we feel burdened especially being the director of the project and perhaps we don't feel belong to the group. This is where we should work it out. Start talking, start asking and get everyone in the group involved. We can't wait for people to ask us if we want their help. We're the one who hold the accountability to assign the tasks for them. Thus, we can't simply rely on them 100%. We give them tasks and we believe they're willing to commit to the tasks. What if they don't? Now.. that gets me to the next point.

2. What if they don't commit?

It's totally their problem, not yours to be honest but of course I did worry about it because this whole project was under my responsibility anyway so what I did was:
Meet them face to face, briefing about the project, assign the tasks again and again (I did a hardcopy planning where their names are included so it will seem more serious).

They will just do you know.. since I believe they will end up choosing to commit. My point is, get enganged, make them feel important and make them feel they're rensposible. They're just human beings like us after all.

3. Be prepared a month before

When it comes to group project, we usually happen to know it like few months before to work on it so try as much as we can to be prepared like a month before because that's the only way to get things  work smoothly as planned (though, I know sometimes it's hard to achieve this a month before but let's try to make it anyway <33)

4. Follow/synchronize all the formats

Paperwork, report, and budgets are the main things so make sure to know and to understand the format of all these stuffs and then synchronize them all. This is where our basic knowledge in Word and Excel get tested so.. learn if you haven't and re-learn if you did, honestly for our own good.

5. Remember the check list

Check list is just very crucial for almost everything, right? Include all the items/materials we'll be needing before, during and after the project! Don't forget to be very specific on our check list. For this project, I only did the check list using the notepad in my smart phone so it's easier for me to tick off things that have been done.

That's all for now. I will keep updating more on this later on inshaallah! because my team are having more projects onwards and all of the upcomings are the big events and I couldn't wait to share them here! <3

These are only based on my experience but if you have yours, wouldn't you mind sharing?

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Im just a high school student but this post is very useful! I'll definitely look up to your advice? tips? in the future! hehe <3


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