Sweet stroke editing

I call this one as sweet stroke editing simply because it fits pastel type of design and to me, pastel is sweet little thing just as how you are! Please be sure to alert to take it or leave it. I mean, if you think that you're already master these photoshop little things, so you may leave it. But if you love to exchange the way we do it, then yeah.

Look at the border radius of that one that has the price RM100 on it and compare that to the rest.

What do you get to see? Hm?

To me, sometimes I love to see a more-detailed one like the rest for the border-radius (I mean they're a bit more-detailed :p) but both are nice! :)

Here's a tutorial for the so-called-more-detailed-one just in case if you need it! :)

And oh oh, if you're curious to dig more about all the skincare products being featured here, you can stalk instashop: @beaute.babe :)

I'm leaving it all here and till we meet again! xo

p/s: I'm sorry for not updating for almost a month, it's due to my hard disk problem but we may keep in touch anyway, find me on twitter: @syasandeul.

p/s (ii): I'm thinking of updating my polygonal portrait editing but I honestly have no right upon the girls' pic I was taking so I do hesitate hahahaha :')) (but you know when you have a crush towards this celebrity/anyone, you just save their photos or even turn their photos into wallpaper? yeah that's why i did.)


  1. The color was nice! as my part, if Im gonna crop according to the shape of the product, I'll select my pen tools slightly inside the subject. so I get the picture itself with its background fully erased. but that was how i do my things tho. hehe.

    1. Thank you for sharing your way! <3

      I guess that's quick selection tool which I sometimes use it for quick cropping as well! :D

  2. I'm suck at photoshop big time. So seeing other people being so talented in photoshoping amazed me

    1. You can learn it for free then!

      Anyway, I'll take that last sentence as somewhat compliment! haha! :)


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