Life After SPM: Gettin' my first job ever!

Hi! It has been quite long since I kept my blog updated and if you're wondering why, there goes the reason, right on the title of this post. Yup, I'm a busy bee lately! =p

I remember the excitement of getting through my high school years when it finally came to the last paper of SPM on that day and all I was thinking was to get myself hectic as much as I can so that I won't be wasting my break before enrolling into university.

So right after a few weeks, I began to get myself a job placement somewhere for a while to earn some new experiences, to gain some new piece of knowledge and probably to aggrandize my circle. I did go and ask if there was any job vacancies for a spm leaver at a few stores encompassing this one where I tried my luck thrice including calling the office from home just to assure that I'd probably get a place there. Pathetic was them answering me with a "NO" for everytime I asked. 💔💢 So, I just began to lose interest in locating for job placement and planned just to be at home probably polishing my photoshop skills or enhancing my vocabularies, etc etc. 💦💪

Also knowing that I may not be lucky enough to get myself some salaries to earn on my own. =)

Image result for money mr crabImage result for money mr crab

Until there was this sunny day where my mom got a call from one of her friends, telling her that they were in urge to get someone to work with them. I eavesdropped their conversation and without any hesitation, I volunteered like "I can work...if you don't mind.."

Then, everything has begun on the very next day. I admit that it was kinda like a new, fresh thing for me to suddenly get myself easy with the new environment and all. And ooops, you have to know that it is not even a fancy job where you wear uniform and all. A big NO. 💁 I work as a kitchen helper at a school's hostel. Oh yes, school environment!! I love that part!! =p Wait, it's not that I cook. Well, working in kitchen doesn't mean I cook. My scope of job is quite similar to what a housewife usually does in the kitchen & in the dining room encompassing sweeping off the floor and all you could imagine. Too, everyday similar to what barista is cause I've to prepare the drinks for the kiddos there! (Takde complain air tak sedap lagi setakat ni =p)

The students and other workers here are all good and nice to me. I kinda love to have them around! Alhamdulillah!!!

Frankly speaking, there's just a lot to tell about every person I met but a post probably wouldn't be enough for that but all in all, all these persons I met here, they're just very nice even though my first impression towards them was a lil bit went awry.
My point is: No matter how bad a person might look like, s/he has something good you might be surprised for. Perhaps the people you anticipated to be the good one would turn out giving you some lessons to learn while perhaps the people you anticipated to be the bad one would in return give you the best sweetest memory you would never expect. 💗😌
In my job scope, I work with a chef, and by far, I've worked with 3 chefs including this new one. Every each of them at least taught me a thing differently. It is so beautiful how Allah has planned it for me that I did never expect to learn those things that never cross my mind, including to mix some drink flavours altogether and get a new great one, and more!

The first chef was a woman who I did never expect to be a mom of a daughter who perchance suffer a cancer. The second one, a man who is full of wisdom which I definitely adore. He's a wealthy man ranging from knowledge, faith, skill, passion, to prosperity. He told me a story in which he gave a bmw 👀👏 to his son who did well in uni life, some tips about the proper way of salah and to get yourself more in prosperity is to give more to people. Also that he cooked very nice and well, we, the kids, love him so much. (I'm still a kid yo!!) And this new chef which the third one is a man who married for two (me as a girl, quite stand against this 😀😂 but whatever - it's his life) and he smoke. I just dislike that smoke part very much but hm, at least he did never smoke around me. Alhamdulillah, syukur, tak pernah lagi sedut asap rokok dia. Tak nak please!! 😱

So yeah that's that.

And oh, my mom proposed me to teach a few students here the basic of english and stuffs and I just agreed but we still didn't get any confirmation with those students yet. Let's just see how this gonna be! I'm excited, of course but the students maybe the otherwise, 😂😂 we don't know but let's just be positive bout it anyhow. I've been told that these students are those who are quite lack in language but perform well in numbers. Well, guys. I know these people and I'd just love to try my best to help. =p

I pen it off here. Let's hope that more good things are coming in their way and may I could cope with just anything here and hopefully all the people here including the students would love my presence in their daily life as well as how I love their presence in mine. Amin! =) 💖


p/s: Share your story, somebody might need to read. <3


  1. Masha Allah! Keep it up, my dear! May Allah ease everything for you :-)

    1. Alhamdulillah!! Thank you!! may the good be with you as well. Amin <3

  2. Hi Sya, gotta say you're so blessed with these opportunities. Working in a school hostel is such an interesting experince as well. Hope you could learn so much more.

    1. Alhamdulillah!! Thank you for the positive thoughts! May the good be with you as well, Afifah Addnan! <3

  3. May Allah ease your path dear ^^


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