Life After SPM: Social skill & I doubled my career

How to feel the time? WRITE.

At least that is the ultimate measure that keeps memories alive other than PICTURES. And, that's what I'm doing! Hoping that someday I'll look back and see how much I've done.

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It's already May 2017 and that means, I've been working here for about 1 month and a half and it's gotta be 2 months and a half once it's June (Awhh it's gonna be June soon - it's my month!! haha). By the way, if you haven't read my update regarding my first job, how I managed to get it and all, do click here.

Truth to be told, my first impression when I came here was that I'll never be able to get along with anyone here. Gotta admit that I was kinda lack of social skills and everything (I was just sociable behind every icon I hold on socmed) - the main reason why I didn't believe how did I get here but this is getting MORE EXTREMELY EXCITING. Because of the fact now: I successfully did it. Yes, I got along with the vast majority. What a record, aite? 😜

I acknowledge almost everyone's name and I learnt that knowing someone's name is just so vital. Once you know their name, you'll get to engage psychologically. And this game is totally gonna be fun if you're creative enough. So tip number #1: Get to know their name!

Recently, I've just received a gift from this guy - a student here. Because he just came back from Singapore and I seriously still wondering if he purposely bought that for me or other thing BUT THE THING NOW IS we rarely talk to each other. Our conversations are countable because they were just three til now. Wth I counted it 😅 The first was when him and his friend joking about something with me. The second was, I asked him why didn't he come to eat the other day, by calling his name - so perhaps calling his name just played a vital role there, Idk. And the third was when he told me he was fasting so that I can keep some portion of food for him (this one was after he gave me the gift). So, which one of these three is the reason that made him giving me a gift from Singapore??? If including a poll would do here, I'd do just to figure this out. :')

Well, from what I've written, it obviously depicts me as someone who retains all the details. So beware of that. 😉😂 If only I could do the same for reading all the textbooks haizz.

Surprisingly, there's another boy who offered me a gift if I'd tell how much As did I get in SPM. (he's still a boy, he's just 14 =p) Alas, I still didn't tell him and not sure if I'm going to but I love gettin' presents hahaha kk.

Most of them acknowledge that I'm going to quit soon cause yeah, I'm going to pursue my studies so there was this guy telling me that he afraid if he's gonna miss me. Wahahah didn't expect that but obviously, I'm gonna miss all their ridiculous jokes and all those noises that filled up the vacancy as well. Too, their everyday greetings towards me and all 😭 Probably there's just a love connection between me and these kids which I successfully sent that vibe hahahha (with Allah's will of course). I love calling them kids anyway.

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In my previous post, I did write regarding the suggestion of teaching English to some kids here. So recently this happened and I did teach a few of girls here the English and some others asked me regarding modern maths which I will help just as long as I remember how to 😂 (luckily it was never addmaths GOSH) Insyaallah, pray for me that I can do the best in helping them out! Amin!

That's how I became a temporary-not-so-teacher yet a kitchen helper at the same time.

Sometimes, we did girl talks as well which I really enjoyed it most of the time. It's fun to hang around them because we just never been out of an idea to talk about. Usually, it has been me who got us to new topic all over again 😝 I swear I was looking like a super introvert during my first few weeks and I did never talk to anyone here unless like nodding, my "hm", just that. But once it felt like home, I never want to end it. I could talk to you endlessly you know or at least staring at each other for a long period and it'll never get boring I swear. 💁

There. There goes my story of the week. Will update again to reminisce soon and do relish every moment in your life.

I learnt that each and everyone that we met is just so pertinent to make us who we are today, same goes to you, you're important, you're part of this life, if you ain't here, things wouldn't be the same so cherish yourself. Cheers! 🙈🙉🙊


  1. That was always my main concern as well. Somehow it seem impossible to click with new people until when we finally did and it is wonder. Wow, teaching English! OMG, I do adore to be called teacher afifah someday.

    1. It happens to most introvert I guess :) But frankly speaking, as much as I know myself, I am an ambivert anyway (where I have both introvert & extrovert personality :")). Hehe! The saying "just be urself" may sound cliche but I finally came to realize, that's REAL TRUE =)

      BTW Cool!! Insyaallah one fine day, Allah will grant all your wishes. <333

  2. Yeap you seriously doubled your social skill and that what make me admire you. I'm an introvert myself so I don't get friendly with strangers that easy *sigh wish these things been taught at school lol.

    1. I seriously have nothing to offer to be admiring for, Lya, but if that is for good then I have nothing against it either hehe :)

      It's ok though, everyone has their own personality which makes everyone unique. Being an introvert to some certain type of people is just necessary too! Btw, we all don't have to fit in, just smile to strangers & if we have any necessary topic to talk about, then just go & ask though it might get awkward but once both parties broke the awkwardness & its rules, both will just get easy with the next conversations! :)

      I'm sad as well realising these little things never been taught in our school system yet "developing leadership" they said but perhaps we could bring this concern to the authority OR maybe we just could start this with ourselves first. Cheers! hehe :)


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