Exam week went awry

You know when illness is inevitable & it striked me on the last day of my study week and it continued until the whole exam week finished, I was the most ungrateful one. Or to be exact, I forgot how to.

My frst day of exam was pretty awful, I made noise a lot with my coughs in the exam hall til I need the toilet to vomit the phlegm gugh, and that was so annoying to me, I scared if it annoyed the others in the room as well, I mean...I made the noise during the WHOLE exam week but the good thing was it got better day by days. (I think you guys do feel the same every time we happen to make noise during exam? or no? haha) & I was having a quite bad fever though I have already consumed some pills the night before so I didn't get to think and perform well on my maths paper 2 & everytime I remember the struggles during my exam week, I just get sad honestly. And ugh, tbh I've a secret to tell, I cried during that paper on the last minute bcs meh, I didn't get to think well and the questions was quite hard. Ok don't tell this to anybody. Let it only be here, within us. Mehh =p

When something in ur life has started awry then it's gonna impact your mood for the days after that like yeah that just happened to me but I kinda managed to distract myself from the overthinking and stuffs for a while. I've got no idea on what to anticipate for the next papers, I just acted normal and tried the best.

I know I have to put my trust on the Writer of my life after all; tawakkal.

May Allah grant Sya, the writer of this blog an excellent result on her previous and upcoming exams and a blessed heart. amin. may the good be with you too, kind-hearted people out there! :)

Once you stop feeling entitled to everything, you'll stop whining and start working. - Vivy Yusof 

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