Saved from a tragic break-in

What else do I have to not be grateful for?

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Here's a story which occured in my college just a few months back! I usually stayed up night to finish all assignments and probably do my studies a lil bit but it was that night that coincidentally I felt really sleepy and since I've finished my tasks earlier, I just decided to doze-off a little earlier. It was also that night where my fellow roommates told to better not to turn the light off, not sure why, cause usually, I will ask them to turn off lights! Cause..tbh, I hate sleeping with lights on >.<

At 3-4am, the door was suddenly opened, and there was the Felo or our lecturer, she was in completely rushing and had that "frightened look". She then woke us up by her voice and asked if there was any belongings went missing. We checked the purse and look for our smartphone, they are all save with us. We narrowed back to her. Curious of what was happening.

"Your block had just been broken into at 2am just now! How could you guys slept without locking the door?!" We were scolded and said nothing until the lecturer left and asked to lock the door from now on.

YOU KNOW WHAT WAS ON OUR MIND? The thief might be hiding somewhere (probably) in our locker. Arghh. That was so frightening!! Oh anyway, yes, we just made that up because OUR ROOM HAS THE MOST POTENTIAL TO BE BROKEN INTO compared to the others. Because ours is oriented facing the middle stairs and we forgot to lock the door! Where...ok I'll have to admit, we usually did not do that because we think..who the heck will steal our belongings? All the people here are really busy with their bussiness. Who have time for stealing anyways? Gugh. I totally dumped out the outsiders into the issue at the moment. OUTSIDER.

We checked on our block whatsapp group, afraid if some still missing this breaking news. Turned out, we were the one who missed it. They already had been talking and warning at 2am. We were told that someone saw a guy with his face covered just broken into some rooms and no one was dare enough to scream. Because, imagine, if you, staying up alone, saw it on your own, all alone, screaming while looking at him would be taken into consideration first, am I right?

Who doesn't panic ya know? We all do. And just right after that, we were told just to scream/shout and everything we could do everytime this serious sort of moment occur! May we all have that courage to do so anyway. Amin!

My roommates and I got even more panic just by knowing the room oriented left and right of ours were broken into and some lost their belongings! More tragic, the thief took out the money from one's purse then throwed the purse into a dustbin. Haih, so no compassionate!

Alhamdullillah. What excuses do we have for not being grateful? Thank, Allah saved us! Alhamdullillah. =)

Oh anyway, we think that the thief might not entered our room because our lights were turned on! Or probably because...we usually listen to Quran recitation before sleep. Whatever reason might sound logic to you, I believe it's all happened with Allah's will.


Here's to share with yall the burglary prevention. Got it from pinterest. Please share it with your loved one as well. Things could happen in a blink of an eye, anywhere and anytime without you could predict it. Be safe, loves!

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p/s: Please take a good care of yourself wherever you are! Always be prepared with the precaution measures. Have a tool with you and make sure to keep that tool somewhere easy to reach.

p/s: I'm sorry that my english sound bad..Gugh it's hard to find time to practice these days and I feel really bad for that. I'll to practice more and more! (Especially with having a new vocab!)

Til next time ok! <3

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  1. Your english does not sound bad girl (mine was more broken, lols). And Alhamdulillah ya Allah you save and please do not forget lock the door next time. This post give me a chill, God sakes. Alhamdullillah ya'all save.


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