Managing time in college is a whole new challenge

Here's a bit of me which you should know 😂 I am now an-eighteen-year-old pursuing my studies in science in a local college or to be more specific, it's a matriculation college somewhere in peninsular of Malaysia. I decided to drop Biology ever since I found myself have no longer had chemistry with it and alhamdulillah, thank God that that was never has been a remorseful to choose this path. Despite of another struggle I have to cope with which is Science Computer but at least I am keen into it. The point is, no matter what field or courses you're in, every path owns their own struggles. Nothing worth having is easily obtained.

Wallahi, I am struggling right now and I can see that the vast majority in here, we're all in the same boat. We're all struggling. Especially with time management.

I, myself, have had several attempts and errors to discover the best way to allocate my time perfectly and I guess..I'm still trying man!

I'd love to share a lil bit of what I've just discovered recently related to my time management. *Please read at your own risk. Thank you. (:

Peak time - Basically, peak time is when we can give the best perfomance out of us to do our tasks. And I just found out that my peak time is during the night and in the morning as well. I really think that I am in between of night owl and early bird. Seriously, I haven't heard about this before but I really think that's what I just (probably) am. (High probability).

I've some events to share with you that tell I'm that person in between of night owl and early bird.
I usually have to stay up late to do my tasks and to ensure my morning productivity. Or to be more details, I sleep after 12am (I usually limit myself only until 2/2.30am) and my biology clock (did I just say biology??)  usually will wake me up at 5 or 6 in the morning (or 7am on the weekend) and my day is going to be good (without considering other factors). BUT, if I ever sleep before 12am, the next morning is going to be hard for me and then I'll spend the whole next day sleepy during classes.
So that's what I discovered regarding my peak time.

Distractions - I may avoid smartphone, avoid bed from my sight but how about uplanned events? Like sudden commitments that I have never included into my planner. But as for me, smartphone and bed are the main factors of me getting distracted because well, I've to admit that I am easily distracted. Poor me...

However, I'm glad to say that sometimes I am able to distract myself from those distractions. Well played, psychology. Ok, I wish that I can do this at most of the time..well..still trying..heee! As for my attempts to get through them, I tried hiding my phone from my sight whenever it's time to focus on other things so it's whether I seal it in my case or put it in the drawer or just leave it in the bag and I tried as much as possible to not get attached to my bed (I tried not to get myself sitting or even touching the bed) because brutally honest, bed is so freaking hard to resist!! Do you feel me? =p

Willpower - There are times where I get demotivated and I feel like doing nothing at all (and sometimes I really end up with doing nothing hahahaha). In my opinion regarding this matter, if I have strong desire towards my dreams (especially long-term goals) then I should spend some time to have the willpower to achieve it but usually, it doesn't work that way for me.

So another way I could do is just begin doing the tasks despite of idleness, sickness or homesickness, or demotivated, and that's when I can start to remain the momentum. This works better for me and I really hope that I could remain the momentum till forever.

Helper tool - For instance, I need some caffeine to get wide awake in the night (not to forget to limit the consumption), need alarm app to help me wake up (although sometimes I am alarm-less or can I just say I am KALIS ALARM sebab suka tidur mampus haha) and sometimes need a music playlist to focus and a planner to plan my day. Let's be honest, it's not a planner, I just have a somewhat called as bullet journal which is more like to-do-list. Do you have any common things as well regarding this?

Appropriate spot - Sometimes I prefer to study in the room on my study table but since bed is so hard to resist for me, so I prefer studying at cafe as well and sometimes whenever I need peaceful environement, I'd need library at that moment (but sometimes people are so loud even in library, that's very sad to say, even pathetic to cope with). I'm so unpredicted like today I feel like studying at the cafe then tomorrow I'll go for library then the next day I'd rather stay in the room. That's me. How about your spot? :)

If you're a master of time management or if you're still having attempts and errors as well as me, do drop your comments, suggestions or you may share your experience as well so that we could exchange something, right? <3
May we all grow through such experiences and challenges in life so that we become wiser and learn from our own mistakes for others' awareness as well and may we remain our momentum to bring, produce and cultivate goodness in life. 
Till we meet again. xoxo.


  1. I'm so agree with the post!

    I have so much in my plate that I just focus everything in finishing my assignments and fyp that I neglect everything (sobs that includes you blog)

  2. At least that's great for ur academics! Anyways, thank you for sharing ur experience. I love hearing from a college senior! <3

  3. I am not a master of time management TT^TT

    anyway, good luck!!! hehehe

  4. I had to-do-list plastered at all place I can see and I usually bring my own note book which I jot down almost everything. And yes, here your fellow kalis alarm :'))) I'm just glad my roomate did not decide to throw me away yet lol.


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